Juanito the Little Apple & Gus the Worm – Crochet Pattern

Juanito the Little Apple & Gus the Worm – Crochet Pattern

Juanito and Gus meet for the first time when both were babies. They used to live in a beautiful field surrounded by a lot of fruit trees, but these two friends were always looking for adventures, so a couple of months ago they decided to move to the city. They chose New York because Juanito says over there live the “big apples”, Gus doesn’t understand that but always support his best friend with his ideas.

This pattern is my first time doing a couple with different characters and the result was a lot better than expected so I’m very happy to share it with you, and I hope to do more than this one in the future.


What do you need to make them?

–  Crochet hook size 3,00 mm.
–  Four different yarn colors (calling for 3,00 mm hook)
–  Synthetic Cotton /Toy filling (fiberfill or similar)
–  Safety Eyes: 9 mm. for the apple and 6mm. for the worm
–  Black Sewing Thread
–  Yarn Needle
–  Scissors

You can find the pattern for these lovely guys available in my Etsy Shop.

Please let me know or tag me in your photo on Instagram (@nightlycrafter) if you make them. I would love to see them!
Happy Crocheting!


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